Tin Roof Theatre Company would like to acknowledge the following organizations/persons for supporting us in our past and present seasons!


Gina Sandgren & Ross Solwold
The Arts Partnership
FM Area Foundation
The Fine Arts Club of Fargo
Richard & Audrey Kloubec
Hugh Cowan


 2015 Supporters

Tin Roof Givers

Jaclyn Hicks
Amy Svennignsen
Chris Kuisel
Ashley Branson
Kylie Hanson
Dan Warner
Christina Wagner

Tin Roof Helpers

Jason Kinder
Trista Dannker
Shawn Thrunson
Gail Anderson
Freddie Copper

Tin Roof Stars

Jana Lynn
Janet Sorndace
Susan Quam
Lori Hawkins
Peter Stein
Amanda Stein

 Tin Roof Angels

Reid Strand
Mark Strand
Heather Lindsay
Chris Lewis




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