7 PM Aug. 29, 2022 Auditions for “Tuck Everlasting” in basement room of Mhd. Public Library
Mark Frattaroli’s stage adaptation (not the musical)
Directed by TR member Mark Seeba
Cold readings, no preparation

Winnie Foster (female, age 10-12)
Mae Tuck (female, age 40s-50s)
Jesse Tuck (male, late teens)
Miles Tuck (male, early 20s)
Stranger in Yellow Suit (male, 30s-60s)
Granny Foster (female, 50s-70s)
Constable (male, 30s-60s)
Voice/Narrator (f/m, adult age)
Angus Tuck (male, age 40s-50s)
Winnie Foster is a young, sheltered girl and only child from a wealthy family in 1880s New England. All she wants to do is step outside her own front gate. One day she finally musters the courage to do so and meets a handsome teenage boy in the woods. She is immediately taken in by his charm, but soon finds out that this boy and his family hold a secret so powerful that its revelation could turn the earth upside down. Winnie must decide whether to reveal and take part in the secret or keep it hidden from the rest of the world, especially those with ill intentions like the mysterious stranger who follows them. What will she decide?”
Performances will be Nov. 4-6 and 10-12