TIN ROOF THEATRE COMPANY is pleased to announce the cast list for Neil Simon’s

  PLAZA SUITE and would like to graciously thank all of the fine actors who auditioned for the production.

P L A Z A   S U I T E


C  A  S  T      L   I  S  T

Directed by

James B. DeBrito

Opening night–March 17, 2017

It all takes place in the same hotel suite at the Plaza Suite in NYC during different times in the 1960’s. The first act follows a couple who may or may not be celebrating their 23 or 24 wedding anniversary. Act 2 tells the tale of a Hollywood movie producer who has done well and while visiting NYC sets his sights on his very married high school girlfriend. In Act 3, we find a couple desperately trying to deal with their daughter on her wedding day as she has second thoughts and has locked herself in the bathroom.