Our First Five Seasons (2005-2010)

The Tin Roof Theatre Company is a non-profit theatre collective whose goal is to produce high-quality, challenging theatrical productions focusing primarily on American classics that entertain, enrich, and educate the community.

               “Plaza Suite” by Neil Simon

                         Thank you to our Director James B. DeBrito, cast and crew!!!

DSC_0943    Standing in back: SM Cody Johnson, Jay Nelson, James B. DeBrito, ASM Steven Robson, Jason Daniels, Jacky Arness

In front, 2 ladies in red:  Jeanie Smith, Nora Flaherty, J. Malcolm Thompson, Rita Hagstrom, Dawn Gunderson, Bill Lucas (blue), & Bellhop Konner Doucette

3 Acts, 3 couples

Jay Nelson & Jeanie Smith (lady in red), Dawn Gunderson & Bill Lucas (Cheers!),

J. Malcolm Thompson & Rita Hagstrom (lady in pink) 


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